Currently Working On

Self-development and education are two things that are very important to me, it seems that whenever I get the chance I am always on the lookout to pick up new skills and learn new things. Here are some things I have been recently working on:

Front End Web Development

Towards the end of 2019, I did a part-time front end web development course whilst at my full-time job at Foundry Digital. I figured this would help me along at my job where I worked alongside developers on the projects I was managing. I originally wanted to do this course so I could start on my personal project; Project TK. This is still a work in progress, and it will take me a while to complete, so far I have completed the site structure, and the landing page is 90% complete in code. I still need to write some copy for it, but I wanted to build the structure first!

I am extremely proud of this project that was inspired by my personal life and experiences with men’s mental health services, attitudes, and awareness in European countries. I hope to one day complete it and have it as a fully functioning awareness and information website.

Graphic Design

I am currently undertaking a graphic design masterclass where I am learning basic graphic design theory and developing my own portfolio. This course goes into how to use photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator, particularly focusing on logo design and branding theory, photo editing and photo manipulation, Layout design, and a personal project on each to start building my portfolio.

What I want to work on next

A skill I want to master in the coming year would be UX and UI design. Whilst I have worked alongside designers to develop websites with seamless user journeys and experience, I would like to apply this to my own project such as Project Tk.